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DLF Research/Breeding Stations

Global Research Network

Variety adaptation to local conditions is paramount. DLF research stations are strategically located around the globe to develop the varieties that meet that requirement. These research stations are complemented with independent third party locations to extend the environments in which the newest product developments are trialed. 

Canadian Product Development

We operate the most extensive private testing program in Canada. This rigourous testing gives us an unmatched level of genetic advancement and an ability to identify varieties with superior yield, persistence, faster regrowth, exceptional forage quality and superior disease resistance, specifically for Canadian conditions.

Our trials adhere to well-recognized government and university testing protocols, which require replicated testing (four plots of each variety in each trial). This thorough testing protocol ensures that only the best adapted varieties are advanced to commercial product offerings. 

Canadian Performance Trials

Canadian trials ensure Canadian performance on Canadian farms. Trials with true head-to-head comparisons are imperative to show how varieties perform in the same trial, in the same harvest year. 

When we report trial results for one variety to another, all of the data is from the same trials, the same years, the same conditions and against the same checks, providing true head-to-head comparisons. 

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Our Research Program

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