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with PICKSEED forage varieties


We are the Forage Leaders.


We start with performance trials and testing programs to develop proprietary forage products. We then contract our forage seed needs with highly skilled Canadian seed growers, who work closely with our experienced field representatives to ensure our seed crops are of top quality. Our expert sales and technical staff are always ready to support and assist with forage product choices and agronomic needs.

More Milk... 

More Milk with PICKSEED

In forage, fibre digestibility is one of the most important quality measures. The main benefit of high fibre digestibility is an increase in milk production.


                    1% increase in fibre digestibility (DNDF) = 

                          + 0.25 litres milk per cow per day



The importance of high fibre digestibility is supported by independent research work that is well acknowledged throughout the world. Fibre digestibility is a key focus of the DLF global research platform.




Forage Max

ForageMax® is the strongest new line of quality forage grasses and legumes available in North America.  Each mix is designed to thrive in the specific region and climate that our distributors and their customers live in.  To be included in the ForageMax® program, each variety must demonstrate high performance in palatability, dry matter yield and forage quality.

Every ForageMax® variety is thoroughly tested in private trials at numerous locations across Canada, the USA and abroad.  We are confident that our line of forage products is the finest forage available on the market today.

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